Friday's Food for Thought: How to sneak more greens into you diet (without eating a salad!)


We should all know by now that the more leafy greens we eat, the better. However, many people still struggle to meet their daily greens requirement, and many people think that eating a salad is the only way to eat greens. 

Although we love salads here at HP2 Wellness, we understand that sometimes it can get boring. So here are 5 ways for you to get more greens into your diet (without eating a salad!)

1. Blend It


If you have trouble eating the greens that you know are the best for you, try throwing them into a smoothie. Blending it with organic and naturally-sweet fruit masks the taste while still giving you all the nutrients! Add nutrient-rich greens like organic kale and spinach to your smoothies. Also try adding cleansing greens such as celery and cucumber. Try this recipe if you're new to making green smoothies, or follow these instructions in "The Simple Green Smoothie Formula."

2. Sautée It

Sautée leafy greens as a side to whatever dish you're making. Simply chop it up, and season as you like-- an easy seasoning that goes with many dishes is to add fresh minced/crushed garlic and a healthy fat such as coconut oil, olive oil, or ghee (clarified butter), and a pinch of salt and pepper. Here's a simple and quick sautéed greens recipe that can accompany many dishes. You can also make your greens as a main dish-- try creating a stir fry and adding protein and maybe a complex carbohydrate with it!

3. Drink It Down

Not sure about blending your greens? Try purchasing a concentrated green superfoods powder. Most have many nutrient-rich and immune boosting vegetables and fruits in a concentrated form that you can add and mix with water, or add it to your smoothie! Check out this awesome green powder.

4. Roast It

Roasted green veggies may change the way you think about them. Don't like kale? Maybe you would like it in chip from! Try this recipe for kale chips here.  Also try roasting brussel sprouts and broccoli in the oven! Try this recipe for simple brussel sprouts here and this recipe for broccoli here

5. Scramble It

How do you like your eggs? Try throwing some greens in the next time you make scrambled eggs. Are there other ways that you add greens into your diet besides salads? Comment and let us know!