"I see health and wellness as not just the absence of disease or of feeling poor, but a process, a JOURNEY, toward our full potential physically, emotionally, and spiritually."

  James R. Johnson, MD


Our services include excellence in diagnosis and management with board certified physicians in family medicine, with access to area specialists and ancillary providers, nutrition providers, exercise physiologists, functional physicians, and physical therapists. 

Health and wellness is about what we do, what we choose to eat, how we treat each other, and how we treat the Earth.

It is a self actualization process where we take an active role and put in the effort with food and activity choices,  as well as life choices so that we feel good and are able to be a positive force with our families, friends, the community at large, and the environment.

Our team is focused on providing  patients and clients quality care for every individual's unique needs to help them empower themselves to feel and be the best version of themselves. 

Patients of Dr. Johnson can access the patient portal here. 

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